Not in my wildest dreams could I have planned a journey like this.  Our God is so big, so great and so intimate that I have to praise Him for this unbelievable gift. I went to Jersey in December 2009 for my Uncle John’s funeral and had the same conversation with my brother and my cousin.  They had both gone to Hawaii for their wedding anniversaries within the last few months and were really encouraging Jack and me to go for our 35th this summer.  “You really need to go, it’s so beautiful,” they both admonished.   My answer both times was simply, “It’s never going to happen.  Jack doesn’t fly, so it’s a non-issue.”  Jack has always said that if they build a bridge to Hawaii, then he will go.  Just a week after returning home, I committed to work for Discovery again as an independent contract professional development trainer. On my first webinar with the training team, they announced that we would be going to Hawaii to work!  That’s how God is.  His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. His ways are higher than our ways.  I stood dumbfounded, yet awed because I knew it was His favor that led me to this opportunity.

This journal is for my closest family and friends who want to go on this Hawaiian adventure with me as I praise Him for His intervention and provisions.



Can you imagine?

On Thursday, March 4, 2010, I began a new journey in my educational career as a professional development trainer for Discovery Education. My first training assignment was in Oahu, Hawaii!  Needles to say, I am humbly awed and grateful for this incredible opportunity. On 11/29/10 I got a second chance to go to the Big Island (and even bring Jack!), a third opportunity in April 2011 to go to Maui and the Big Island and am now on my way to Oahu (Aug. 2011).  I am in awe and so grateful.