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This gathering of resources is for sharing.  I am not a Web 2.0 expert, but there are plenty who are.  I wanted to gather some follow-up resources and information on resources than I could not possibly finish in one session Web 2.0 session. The best place to start is where I learned almost everything I know - the DEN. The Discovery Education Network is the largest professional learning community in the nation.  This remarkable group of passionate educators are dedicated to sharing the resources that will best engage all our students.  I’ve tried to categorize these vast resources for all teachers.  If you use Discovery Education services, be sure to join the DEN and begin the gift of sharing!

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Emerging Technologies

This is the best place on the web to find out more about the coolest tools available for teachers is brought to you by Hall Davidson and Steve Dembo. Just click the Web 20.10 icon above.


A Day in the Life of a Discovery Educator (Prezi)

Steve Dembo

Storytelling for the 21st Century (Prezi)

Steve Dembo

TechyNana (Glogster)

Extreme Makeover (Prezi)

Steve Dembo FETC 2010

Using Discovery Education Resources to Create VoiceThreads

Denise Steedle


Why I Love the DEN! (Prezi)

My first Prezi

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