Technology Integration Matrix

The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) is a multi-faceted tool for the Digital Classrooms Plan (DCP) implementation. It provides a video library of real classroom examples of different levels of technology integration and the text evidence for developing a common language of digital integration at the school level. As a part of the DCP funding, the TIM-O (Technology Integration Matrix Observation Tool) provides the data needed to make informed decision for professional development.

e-Cubed Creative, Inc. serves as a professional development and coaching team to implement the Technology Integration Matrix guidelines with the emphasis on “What is the student doing?”

Our professional development services include four models:

  1. Digital Coaching

  2. Teachers Learning from Teachers

  3. Administrative/Leadership Team Coaching

  4. TIM-O walkthroughs and reporting services

Digital Coaching

This side-by-side model of professional development includes co-planning, co-teaching, model lessons, reflections and student digital projects. Teachers who volunteer to work with a digital coach are taught the language of technology integration from the TIM. The overarching question of “What Are the Student Doing?”   is modeled throughout the experience and how to “upgrade” their already great lesson with technology.

Teachers Learning From Teachers

TLT gives teachers the most unique opportunity to observe “Learning Lab” teachers in order to understand the language of technology integration in this visual experience.  Small groups observe and then reflect with text evidence from the TIM. The process continues guided by the digital coach and impacts the largest number of teachers on a single campus.

Administrative/Leadership Team Coaching

Can you truly evaluate technology integration and its effectiveness? Our digital coaches work side-by-side with leadership teams to learn the language of technology integration.  We offer reflective walkthrough practice for school instructional leaders to become comfortable with evaluating technology integration using the TIM.

TIM-O walkthroughs and reporting service

Is your district using the TIM-O (Technology Integration Matrix Observation Tool) to gather data needed to make informed decisions for professional development and DCP compliance? Are you finding it difficult to employ inter-rater reliability or time to use the TIM-O? We offer TIM walk-throughs on your campuses two to three times a year to help you gather the needed data and compile the reports for the DCP.

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