The Word for Our Children’s Children

Have you ever read the Bible all the way through? Have you ever listened to the Bible all the way through? Have you ever thought about recording the Bible in your own words? In December, 2006, I was struck with having to read the Bible through in one year by recording it in my own voice and leaving it for our children’s children. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but 3 months after I started with the New Testament, our daughter announced that she was having a baby!  

I began recording with the New Testament (NIV) and the Old Testament (ESV) using a daily planner in my Palm that broke the readings into bite-sized pieces.  After one year in each testament, I was awed by these gifts:

  1. 1.I was in the Word of God everyday.

  2. 2.Not only did I read the word, I listened to it a second time after I saved it to an mp3 file.

  3. 3. I was awed that the Bible is the living Word of God because I read and heard so many things I never read before (even though I thought I had read it all the way through!)

  4. 4. I now had a gift (an inheritance) to share with my grandbabies (and others) whom I may never even meet, and I am able to pass on the most precious gift I know to give.

I offer this repository of the the Old and the New Testament from a regular little grandma to anyone who cherishes the Word of God. There are mistakes and fumblings, but it is with great love and awe that I pass these readings to you and your children’s children also.

As always, I am

Prayerfully yours,


The Word for Our Children’s Children

Prov. 13:22

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children...

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