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Teaching is a noble profession. I always knew that it was important to be a teacher but it wasn’t until my 23rd year of teaching that I understood that it was my calling.  The Lord has blessed me with a purpose driven life of serving teachers and has opened doors for which I am so grateful.  Although I have been an educator for 43 years, I can remember each school year and how it has molded me into who I am today.  I have served in the following positions:

12 years at Woodbine Elementary School, Woodbine, NJ

  1. Bullet    Two 5th grade classes

  2. Bullet    One intensive English pull out

  3. Bullet    Two 3rd grade classes

  4. Bullet    Seven 7th & 8th grade Language Arts

1 year at Hahnville Elementary, St. Charles Parish, LA

  1. Bullet    Intensive Reading

3 years at Highlands Elementary, Kissimmee, FL

  1. Bullet    Three 5th grade classes

12 years at Neptune Middle School, Kissimmee, FL

  1. Bullet    Three years 6th grade mathematics

  2. Bullet    Three years 7th grade mathematics

  3. Bullet    Three years 8th grade mathematics

  4. Bullet    Three years Instructional Technology Specialist

  1. Bullet    2 1/2 years Instructional Technology Specialist for Osceola District Schools

  1. Bullet   1 year as the South Florida Discovery Educator Network Field Manager

  1. Bullet   1 1/2 years Instructional Technology Specialist for Osceola District Schools coordinating the Florida Digital Educator Program for Polk and Osceola Counties

  1. Bullet   2 years as the Technology Coach for Denn John Middle School, Kissimmee, FL

  1. Bullet  9 years independent contractor and proud member of the Discovery Education Professional Development Team.

  1. Bullet President of e-Cubed Creative, Inc. professional development services (“re-tired” - May 2018)

  1. Bullet State Director, Florida for Christian Educators Association International (CEAI) - present


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Karen C. Seddon

44 years

St. Cloud, FL

College of NJ
UCF (Masters) in Education

Colonia, NJ
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