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Would you like an activity that develops all the 21st Century skills desired in the work force today? The Nail Balance Puzzle combines team work, compromise, patience, embracing failure and 100% success. I had the privilege of introducing this challenge to 300+ students with my partner Betsy. The 1st through 5th grade students were intrigued to find out that it could really be done.

There are many ways to present the challenge, but for elementary students, provide them with one large nail and 12 smaller nails, a piece of clay for the base and set the challenge:

Can you balance all 12 nails on the head of the largest nail?

My favorite part of the challenge is that no one can figure it out on the first try. Once you demonstrate how it works, they can’t wait to try it for themselves. It may take multiple times, but don’t give up on them. They can really solve it.

Teachers can lead their classes in rich discussion of how “balance” relates to just about any topic in any subject.  Let me know if you give it a try. Your students will remember this one for a long time!

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